Dear Clients,


I have been searching for a new veterinarian for a long time but with the serious veterinarian shortage nationwide have been unable to find one.  I had hoped to be able to return to work part time but I am getting better too slowly.


It is with great sadness that I am forced to close my practice.  I am sorry to give such short notice but we kept hoping to be able to stay open. I love being a vet and I have loved knowing all of you and your furry, hopping, scaley  and feathered family members.  I shall miss you all.


I will make copies of your records and have them available for you.  For a short time I will do my best to help with refills until you find another doctor.  Please remember that can take a while so don’t wait for an emergency.  I will post further directions as needed on our web site.


I wish you and yours health and happiness,

Dr. Meredith Bird

To locate a veterinarian in RI: visit



Please call Ocean State Veterinary Specialists 401-886-6787. They are located at: 1480 S County Trail, East Greenwich, RI 02818